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For a backyard oasis, there are three things you must consider when designing your very own paradise; landscaping, plantscaping, and hardscaping make all the difference in turning a plain backyard into a lush oasis for entertaining! Consider these ten design elements before starting your patio and backyard renovations.

This backyard has it all! Beautiful plants, a great view, natural stone pavers, and a gorgeous pool make this a backyard oasis that you won’t want to leave.

Backyard Oasis Design Element One: Create Your Own Lush Living Masterpiece!

A great landscaping design flows seamlessly with your home’s architectural structure; blending nature and home into a cohesive element. Hiring a professional landscaping team will ensure that you get the plants and structural elements that work best in your yard installed. If you choose to DIY, check out these ten rules for landscaping projects.

Plantscaping involves adding colorful touches to your landscape plans with gorgeous flowers that not only have eye-popping color but smell delicious as well! A professional plantscaper will install retainment walls, terracing, and drainage support, so you can grow plants in even the harshest conditions! Consider hiring a pro so you can learn all the tricks of the trade. If you choose to DIY, you can always check out these plantscaping tutorials!

Backyard Oasis Design Element Three: Create Natural Flow With a Water Feature!

When incorporated into your backyard renovation plans, a water feature is definitely an asset you don’t want to leave out. Water features provide the soft sound of bubbling fountains or flowing streams for a more natural feel within your oasis. Choose to install a water feature like a birdbath or pond yourself with at-home DIY water feature tutorials .

If you opt to hire a professional, make sure you have the chance to view their previous water feature designs so you don’t get stuck with a system that doesn’t work. Many professional water feature installers can even incorporate a water feature into your backyard oasis in sustainable ways that use recyclable water!

Backyard Oasis Element Four: Step Up Your Backyard With Patio Pavers

Brick and stone patio pavers add appeal to your backyard and provide a safe stepping pathway for guests and family members. Patio Pavers offer charm and elegance to your backyard when laid down with precision and stylized design. You will love the diverse pathway and patio options you can create for your backyard with pavers.

If you are going to install paver patios yourself, prepare for a lot of work, but it is work that will be worth it! Hiring a professional paver service will be the easier choice, but be sure the company you hire has a clear idea of your design before they start the process of laying down the paver foundation!

Backyard Oasis Element Five: if Patio Pavers Are Not Your Style, Install Decorative Stamped Concrete.

Decorative stamped concrete is a gorgeous alternative to expensive flagstone or cobblestone backyard patios. Stamped concrete has tons of designs, colors and textures you can choose from which actually makes it a more versatile product than stone lay-ins. For more information on decorative concrete check out these advantages of stamped concrete methods.

Backyard Oasis Element Six: What’s Cookin? An Outdoor Kitchen!

An outdoor kitchen really cinches the process of making your backyard into a functional oasis. Cool summer nights are the perfect time for backyard bbq’s and cookouts with neighbors. A backyard kitchen has everything your indoor kitchen provides, but can also be outfitted with a grill and outdoor cooking utensils.

Add in a bar for your guests to talk to you while you show them your grill master skills and you will never want to cook indoors again! Usually it is best to hire an outdoor kitchen installation professional who can implement a stone surrounding for your outdoor kitchen; nothing quite beats the look of natural cut stone when paired with stainless steel appliances! If you choose to DIY, make sure you read these outdoor kitchen tips before you begin your project!

Backyard Oasis Element Seven: Warm Up Your Nights With a Custom Outdoor Fireplace

There are not many activities that are more romantic and intimate than sitting near your outdoor fireplace while stargazing in your own backyard. Forget about everything as you let the flame and heat melt away your stresses of the day. An outdoor fireplace or custom build fire-pit not only enhance the relaxation potential in your backyard, they also add beauty and value to your home, so if you ever decide to sell you will have installed an investment worthy project.

Backyard Oasis Element Eight: Make a Picturesque Setting With Lighting Accents!

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Backyard Oasis Element Nine: Create a Perfect Picnic Table

Eating in the backyard can be an adventure and who doesn’t love a picnic. You can keep it simple with a plain picnic table and bench or create a rustic seating area surrounded by topiaries and flowers. If you choose to get fancy, sleek black and chrome tables look great against an outdoor fireplace!

This antique-style picnic area is perfect for a Sunday brunch with friends and family. Enjoy the surroundings and fresh air while sipping mimosas in your backyard oasis : hgtv.com

Backyard Oasis Element Number Ten: Your Backyard Makeover Should Reflect Your Personality

Whether you like a style that is simple and classic, bold and strong designs or artistic, bright and funky; your backyard oasis should reflect your style and personality. Add in charming touches that you pick out just for decoration to show off your taste and decorative skill! From backyard sculptures to sports team flags – you can choose your backyard oasis decor! Hey, you might even decide to recycle some thrift store finds into a unique flower planter! Just stay creative and inspired!