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With the winter chill settling in over the Columbus, Ohio, area, you might be feeling as though your outdoor living space is largely ready to be forgotten about until spring. There is still time to get some good use out of it, however! In fact, depending on what you have in your yard, you might be able to enjoy using it even through the winter. For now, let’s take a look at some ways you can enjoy your hardscaping and outdoor living elements through the fall.

Build a Fire to Keep Warm

Do you have a fire pit, an outdoor kitchen with a fireplace, or some other place to build a fire? This is going to be the best way to keep warm while spending afternoons or even an occasional evening enjoying the great outdoors. Filling your fireplace or fire pit with a roaring fire will draw your family, friends, and neighbors to the backyard. Roast marshmallows or hotdogs, or simply sit around keeping warm and telling stories. These are the types of experiences that your family will remember for years to come.

Cook Dinner Al Fresco

If you have an outdoor kitchen, don’t feel as though it’s too late in the year to use it. With the holidays coming up, you might really appreciate having that outside oven to bake a turkey or a couple of pies. Or you can hang out outdoors with your family while cooking dinner on a random weeknight. Bundle up the little ones and have an impromptu game of soccer or football while you keep an eye on the food, then eat outside after you’re all warm and toasty from the running around.

Upgrade Your Seating

Making your outdoor seating more cozy will boost its appeal in the colder months. Soft blankets, fluffy pillows, and some supportive seat cushions will make you more comfortable when the temperature dips. One trick: Open up zippered pillow covers and add some shredded Styrofoam. This material absorbs heat, so as you sit against them, they’ll stay a bit warm, which will, in turn, help you stay warmer.

If you currently have hard chairs or a picnic table outside, you might find that it’s suitable during hot months but too uncomfortable during the chillier weather. Invest in some indoor/outdoor cushions to make it more inviting at any time of year.

Of course, if you are going to be keeping your outdoor furniture on the patio or deck during the winter, you’ll want to make sure that you winterize it soon. Wood furniture should be sealed. Lightweight plastic and wrought iron furniture should be brought in, because both are sensitive to the wet and freezing elements. Cast aluminum furniture should be fine without any special treatment; just make sure it can’t blow away during winter storms!

Add Lighting

While you might be perfectly fine with no extra lighting until 9:00 pm in the summer months, by this time of year, the sun might set before you’re even done with dinner. Adding some extra lighting accessories will help you make the most of the evenings; even if it’s warm enough to sit comfortably, nobody will want to sit in the complete darkness. You can purchase some outdoor lighting to make it as bright as you want. For a romantic and fun way to add a little light to your yard, consider twinkle lights or candles (electric or traditional).

Invite Friends Over

The fall months are all about coziness, so don’t hesitate to invite your friends and neighbors over to revel in the season with you. Have a Sunday afternoon touch football game and follow it with spiced cider around the fire. Or host a full dinner on a night that isn’t too cold; cook it indoors or out, but serve it on the patio or deck.

If your children are young, have them invite their friends over for hot cocoa enjoyed on the deck one Saturday morning; that is sure to draw smiles. Invite their parents, too; you can enjoy coffee and chat while the little ones play.

If you don’t have the outdoor living space of your dreams, Omni Pools & Scapes can help you change that. We work with Columbus-area homeowners to put down pavers, build patios, install outdoor kitchens, and so much more.

There’s no need to wait until summer; we can come out any time of year to take a look at your property and make suggestions for your outdoor living project. We want to help you expand your home to embrace your outside property, as well. Contact us today to schedule your consultation appointment.