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The In-Ground Swimming Pool Installation Process

Many homeowners who are considering having a pool put in get the idea in the spring when the weather is starting to warm up. They assume that when they have their initial consultation done in April or May, they’ll have plenty of time to enjoy their pool all summer long.

What you might not realize, however, is that swimming pool installation is a process that can take quite some time. At Omni Pools & Scapes, we work with Central Ohio homeowners to determine the best type of pool for their properties, and sometimes, people are surprised with how in-depth the entire process is. Here is the basic process that we go through:

  • Reaching out to us about your plans for installing a swimming pool
  • We then connect you to a pool specialist
  • The pool specialist coordinates a visit to our new design studio so that you can better visualize the ample design options available
  • After the design studio visit, our pool specialist will visit your home and take all of the necessary measurements
  • At the end of the at-home visit, our pool specialist will provide you with a recommended pool design and quote for our pool design and installation services

If you are ready to delve into the process of having your custom pool designed and installed, contact Omni Pools & Scapes to schedule your free consultation.

What Happens During the Swimming Pool Consultation?

During your swimming pool consultation, your pool contractor will come over to take a look at your property. He or she will assess what type of preparation will need to be done, depending on the type of pool you want. In addition, they’ll ask you how much you plan to use the pool, which features you had in mind, whether you have children who will be using the pool, and so on.

You’ll also need to think about what kind of fencing you will have put in, the landscaping you’ll need to accommodate the pool, and so on. You’ll receive a lot of information, but don’t worry: You won’t have to make a decision immediately.

This is also when we will talk about pricing. Many factors influence how much a pool costs. They include:

  • The size of the pool
  • The shape of the pool
  • How much preparation your property needs
  • The features you choose (lighting, special finishes, etc.)
  • The type of swimming pool you choose (fiberglass or vinyl)
  • The decking or patio you need and want

There is no one set answer to, “how much does a swimming pool cost in Ohio?” because we have so many different variables to consider. Your consultation will give your pool designer the chance to determine how much your project will cost.

Step 1: Initial Phone Call or Email

The very first step is reaching out to our team, either via phone or email. Our sales coordinator will then give you a call. While on the call, you’ll receive an email requesting a plot plan, along with submitting 8-10 photos of the area including access to your yard.

Step 2: Schedule a Visit to Our Design Studio

Once Step 1 is complete, we’ll give you another call to schedule a visit to our design studio for a complimentary design consultation. During this appointment, one of our pool specialists will sit down with you to talk about your upcoming project. We’ll ask you some questions about which type and style of pool you desire, what accessories you’d like to add, etc…

Your specialist will then design your pool on our 2/3D software. You’ll be able to see your project from various angles and make sure it matches your design vision.

Step 3: Coordinate a Follow-Up At-Home Consultation

After your design studio visit, we will schedule a consultation at your home. This is when your pool specialist will take measurements, check your property, and make any recommendations on placement, size, or anything else that might benefit from being tweaked. Feel free to ask any other questions that come up. Before the end of the visit, you will receive a timeframe of when your pool is set to be completed and a detailed estimate.

Step 4: Secure Documentation to Proceed with Installation

Your project will require permits, and the exact process and timeframe will depend on which town or city you live in. The good news is that you won’t need to worry about this step as our team will handle securing the permits as well as any other documentation needed to proceed with your pool installation.

Step 5: Get Your Yard Ready for Installation

Depending on the type of pool that you are having installed, your yard prep might include removing any foliage you have in the area, digging the hole, and placing your style of pool into the space. We will coordinate all of the preparation necessary to get you swimming in your pool before you know it!

When Should I Contact Omni Pools & Scapes About Having a Swimming Pool Installed?

The answer to this question is, as soon as possible! The timeline for having a swimming pool installed can range from weeks to months. It will depend on the weather, how long permitting takes (it can take up to six weeks in some situations), how much leveling your yard needs, and various other factors.

If you are planning to have a swimming pool installed, the best advice we can give you is to contact us promptly to have your consultation done. That will allow us to give you a good time estimate (keeping in mind that not all of the factors that contribute to timing are within our control) and get you scheduled for your pool preparation.

Omni Pools & Scapes designs and installs custom inground swimming pools in Central Ohio. If you are in Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton, Marion, or any of the surrounding areas, contact us today to talk about your pool project. We look forward to meeting you!


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