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Proudly serving Columbus, Ohio with vinyl, fiberglass, and concrete swimming pool installations.

Omni Pools & Scapes is the five-star rated swimming pool company for custom in-ground fiberglass, vinyl, and concrete swimming pools in Columbus, Ohio. Providing a wide variety of premium, luxury, & affordable pool designs for over a decade.

Our Superlative Swimming Pool Company

Omni Pools & Scapes, your Columbus, Ohio Pool Contractor, is a custom in-ground swimming pool design and installation company. Our unmatched selection of pool materials, styles, and shapes has made us a favorite in the neighborhood for 10 years and counting. We’re locally-owned and operated, so we’re passionate about beautifying the homes of residents right here in Columbus and beyond.

Our custom in-ground pool design services let you create your own unique pool style. When combined with our high-quality craftsmanship and efficient pool installation, we make choosing a pool almost as fun as swimming in one. Whether you’re looking for a luxury or affordable custom pool, you can count on us.

Exceptional Custom In-Ground Pool Design and Installation Services

• Our Custom Pool Design Process

We make it easy to begin ordering your custom pool when you work with our Omni Pools & Scapes team. To see our many dazzling in-ground pool designs, we encourage you to visit our design studio when you can. There, you can speak with our pool specialist to address any questions you may have. Make sure you set up your free in-home pool design consultation when in the design studio.

Our team will visit your home on the day and time you select. We’ll ask to see your yard to begin discussing specifics about your custom in-ground swimming pool. Your yard may need work before pool excavation can begin, and that’s what will discuss. Our team takes care of preparing the yard for work, so don’t worry about that.

When we head back inside the house, our pool specialist will want to hear all your ideas for your custom in-ground pool. If you need suggestions, our pool specialist can offer them based on your budget and the size of your yard.

We then take all your great ideas and put them into our computer software, which creates a 2D or 3D render of your custom in-ground pool. From overhead angles to bird’s-eye views, you’ll get an authentic feel for what your pool will look like before our team even grabs a shovel to excavate.

Your satisfaction is paramount to us, so the render is only considered finished when you’re happy. Before the consultation wraps up, our pool specialist will present an estimate for the work.

• Our Custom Pool Installation Process

Next, our team will begin laying the groundwork for your custom in-ground pool. We will need a survey if you haven’t yet done one to ensure we stay on your official property lines. The survey will also tell us where, if anywhere, you have utility lines. This information is handy, as otherwise we may need to add utility and electricity lines later.

We also need a permit to excavate, which you may have to take care of. If not, our pool specialist can handle it. With our legal permit, we can begin clearing the land to excavate. Our team will remove rocks, plants, and shrubs as well as grade the yard if it’s uneven.

We can then begin excavating and installing your custom in-ground pool.

Custom Pool Styles and Shapes for Any Budget

Designing your pool is easy when you work with our swimming pool company. We offer three custom in-ground pool materials: fiberglass, vinyl, and concrete. Once you choose your pool material, you can next select the shape, style, and finish of your pool.

• Reasons to Choose a Custom Fiberglass Pool

Our fiberglass pools are for those homeowners who want to customize their in-ground pool inside and out. Here are the benefits of a fiberglass pool:

✅ Ideal for increased curb appeal
✅ Inexpensive installation
✅ More than 50 different pool styles available, such as:

  • Kidney – With four great shapes available
  • Rectangular – With 22 impressive shapes
  • Modern Freeform – With more than 20 beautiful shapes available
  • Traditional Freeform – With nine elegant shapes

  Traditional Freeform


  Modern Freeform


• Reasons to Choose a Custom Vinyl Pool

The appeal and pricing of our vinyl pools grab the attention of many homeowners. Here are some perks of choosing vinyl for your custom in-ground pool:

  • Inexpensive compared to fiberglass
  • Long-lasting liner, sometimes up to 20 years
  • More than 20 great pool shapes to choose from

Trust in Our Swimming Pool Company’s Decades of Excellence

At Omni Pools & Scapes, we simplify the process of buying a swimming pool. Our pool specialists will work closely with you to design a custom in-ground pool you’re excited to share with friends and family. We cross every T and dot every I before installation to ensure only the highest standards of work.

Whether you like the simplicity of our vinyl pools the customization of our fiberglass pools, or our beautifully designed concrete swimming pools, all in-ground pools produced by our swimming pool company are durable and high-quality. Our dedication to craftsmanship comes through in all our pools. You can see for yourself when you visit our design studio, which we welcome you to do anytime.

Our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau or BBB is one reason many homeowners in Columbus and beyond trust us to install their custom in-ground pools. Our local roots, customer service, and lasting pool quality have also earned us that high rating.

Our swimming pool company even offers several financing options so you can pay for your custom in-ground pool little by little instead of all at once.

Call Our Team Today to Schedule Your Free Pool Consultation

If you’re ready to talk custom in-ground pools, our team wants to hear from you. Our in-home pool consultation is always free, including our pool specialist scoping out your yard and designing your custom pool on our computer software. You’re under no obligation either, so why not call today?

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