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High-Quality, Low-Cost Pool Fences, Design & Installation in Columbus, Ohio

If you have an inground swimming pool, it’s essential that you have it fenced for safety. A fence keeps out not only your own young children when you’re not present, but also neighborhood children, pets, and wildlife. At Omni Pools & Scapes, we can build and install pool fencing of various types around your pool. Because all of our pools are custom-designed, your pool fence will be, too.

When you have a swimming pool in Columbus, Ohio, you need to have a fence built around it. 

Omni Pools & Scapes is Columbus, Ohio’s top-rated company for pool fencing, with aluminum fencing, PVC fencing, & wood fencing options. Locally owned and operated for a decade, providing complimentary estimates, and affordable financing options.

Our One-Stop-Shop for Pool Fencing Design & Installation

Having a fence installed around your pool not only helps to keep children and pets safe but also adds to the appeal of your outdoor living area. At Omni Pools & Scapes, we specializing in designing several different types of pool fences, all of which are affordable and luxurious. 

We can install a fence around an existing pool or schedule installation at the same time that we install your inground swimming pool. Your project will begin with a scheduled visit to our design studio, where you will be able to select the material, type, and style of your new fence.

The next step will include one of our team members visiting your Columbus, Ohio home. We will measure your pool site and answer any questions you have about the timing of the installation process. Our team will also secure the necessary building permits and come up with a plan to prepare your yard, prior to installation.

Take Your Pick Between Aluminum, PVC & Wood Pool Fencing

We offer three types of pool fencing, all of which are excellent options. Your pool specialist will talk to you about which type most closely meets your needs.

Aluminum Fencing

Aluminum pool fencing is one of our most popular options for a variety of reasons.

  • Heavy-Duty: Aluminum fences won’t rot, fade, or rust.
  • No Maintenance Necessary: Aluminum doesn’t require any painting, staining, or sealing.
  • Versatility: Because aluminum fencing is totally customizable and will sit against the ground without creating gaps, it can be placed on flat, sloped, or hilly properties.
  • Aluminum pool fencing is available in a variety of colors.

PVC Privacy Fencing

Our PVC pool fencing, also known as vinyl fencing, is another favored choice and has many advantages.

  • Easy to Maintain: Other than occasional cleaning, a PVC fence barely needs any upkeep.
  • Additional Privacy: If you’re looking for a fence that provides extra privacy, a solid PVC fence could be the winner for your yard.
  • Won’t Rot or Splinter: Vinyl fencing is not affected by seasonal weather patterns.
  • Customizable: PVC fencing comes in both solid and picket-style options. You can also choose plain or more ornate toppers and pick between several distinct colors.

Wood Privacy Fencing

Wood pool fences also hold several benefits that make them a well-favored choice. Learn more about them below:

  • Low Initial Costs: Of the three types of fencing, wood has the lowest cost at the time of installation. Do be aware that maintenance is necessary to keep your wood fence looking great.
  • Attractive: Many people find wood to be the most beautiful fence option. You can either stain, paint, or leave it to weather naturally into a rustic shade of gray.
  • Different Levels of Privacy: Wood privacy fences can be either solid or picketed. Solid, so your neighbors and those passing by will not see you in your pool.

An Accomplished Team of Design & Installation Pros

If you are in the market for a new pool fence, look no further than Omni Pools & Scapes!

  • Our design studio makes it convenient to see all of your options in one place.
  • Our team is dedicated to providing five-star customer service and superior work quality.
  • We offer financing to make a pool fence installation more financially feasible.
  • Our business practices have earned us an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau for over 10 years.

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