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Landscaping Around an Inground Swimming Pool

If you envision yourself floating around in your inground swimming pool next summer, your vision probably doesn’t end at the edge of the water. Imagine the rest of your surroundings. Is there a paver pool deck? Lighting? What types of plants do you have nearby? Deciding to have a swimming pool installed might be the first step to achieving your dreams for your outdoor living space. But there is a lot more to think about when it comes to landscaping and decorating your pool area.

Landscaping: Flora and Fauna

If your mental picture of your pool includes lush plants surrounding it, you’ll want to add grasses, flowers, and maybe even a few bushes or small trees. Before you decide what you want, think about whether your main goal is to provide privacy or add visual interest. You might want both of these things, of course.

If you are looking for privacy, you will, of course, want to choose plants that are tall and filled in. Hedges can provide this benefit easily. You could plant manicured or more wild-looking bushes around part or all of the perimeter of the pool deck. Bamboo is another option. River Cane is actually native to Ohio and could do well in your yard.

Planting leafy and flowering plants around the area will add texture and color. Perennials will come back year after year, saving you the trouble of replanting them. Annuals will need to be added each spring. You can change up what you plant each year to create a new look each time. You might also choose ornamental grasses, too. One thing you should avoid is choosing plants that will end up shedding a lot of leaves at the end of the summer when you are still using the pool.

Hardscaping: Pavers and Stamped Concrete

You will want some type of pool deck for your inground swimming pool. While a wooden deck is good for an above-ground pool, they are generally not desired for an inground pool. You will want to think about a patio made of pavers or stamped concrete.

Pavers come in many different styles and are quite versatile. If one becomes damaged, you can generally replace it without disrupting the rest of the patio. In addition, they flex, making it unlikely that they will suffer significant damage due to temperature fluctuations.

Stamped concrete also comes in a wide variety of styles. It has the benefit of being slip-resistant, which is a nice feature to have near a swimming pool. It won’t sink and will stay level for many years. It is also one of the most affordable types of patio to have installed.

Your landscaping specialist can talk to you about the various options available when it comes to building the pool patio that is perfect for you.

Lighting: What Are Your Options?

Adding lighting to your pool not only adds to the ambiance and atmosphere but also allows you to swim and entertain after sunset. There are a lot of different options you could consider:

  • Install permanent light fixtures on the patio. These might be something like lamp posts or if you have a nearby covered area, lighting installed in the ceiling.
  • Use temporary lighting. Set up tiki torches, lanterns, or other types of temporary lighting that you can bring in during the winter and turn on manually when you are using the pool after dark. Another attractive and popular option is to install twinkling or solid strings of bulbs overhead. Just make sure they are secured well.
  • Have underwater lighting installed. There are different types of lighting that you can have installed under the water. You might want colored lighting or simple white lighting.
  • Have above-water pool lighting installed. You might choose to have lights installed at the edge of your pool. Again, this can be done in various colors or in white.

The best time to decide on permanent lighting is when you have your pool installed. Talk to your swimming pool professional to learn about the options available.

Seating and Outdoor Living Areas

When you step out of your pool, you will want a place to sit comfortably outside. This is also the place where you will host your friends and family. Consider whether you would like to serve meals outside. You might want to have your patio covered in one section to allow for outdoor seating even if the weather is drizzly or if you and your guests want to get out of the sun. An outdoor kitchen would give you a place to cook while watching your family enjoy the pool, and an outdoor fireplace or fire pit could be the perfect place to end the day after a long afternoon spent swimming.

A poolside spa is another option to consider. Spend chilly nights warming up in your own built-in hot tub. These are also great for sore muscles at any time of year. Choose something small and intimate or a larger spa fit for entertaining. It’s up to you!

Your Omni Pools & Scapes swimming pool specialist can help you decide not only what type of pool to get but also what you can do with the rest of your yard and outdoor space to make it exactly what you want. Your vision might begin with the pool, but they don’t have to end there.

Whether you imagine yourself sipping drinks at your own poolside bar, cooking up s’mores in your fireplace after spending the day having fun in the sun, or simply lounging under a covered patio when it’s time to enjoy some shade on a hot summer day, we can assist you in making it happen.

Contact us today for a free consultation to learn more about the many options available to you.