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Artificial Grass for Playgrounds & Schools

Various types of safety turf are used under and around play equipment for children. Unfortunately, some require a lot of upkeep to maintain safety standards. For example, sand and pea gravel can get packed down and hard. Rubber turf gets very hot in the summer and can become hard and brittle in the winter. These materials also lose their attractiveness over time; rubber fades and sand gets dirty.

Our artificial turf safety system not only stands up to the elements (including rough children), but it also looks natural and attractive for years to come. It won’t fade, it won’t get packed down, and it’s unaffected by weather. Its temperature stays cool, making it safe for little feet (and hands and knees!). Our artificial grass is also easy to clean and drains well after the heaviest rain.

Safety is Our Priority

At Omni Pools & Scapes, our goal is to keep children safe on the playground. Our turf absorbs impact, stays cool to the touch, and isn’t compromised by harsh weather or extreme temperatures.

ASTM Tested & IPEMA Certified

All playground products are ASTM tested and IPEMA certified for increased safety.

Non Abrasive

Unlike sand, woodchips, and pea gravel, our artificial grass will not cause scrapes when kids crawl, roll, or run barefoot on it. There are no sharp edges to worry about.

No Grass Stains on Clothes

Kids and their clothes stay cleaner on artificial grass. Parents won’t complain about grass stains and mud spots on their kids’ clothes, even if the turf is wet from the rain.

Non Allergenic

Kids with allergies to grass will be thankful for the non-allergenic qualities of our Turf artificial grass. It doesn’t harbor insects, either, so children are less likely to be stung by ants or bitten by fleas.

Dries Quickly With Superior Drainage

How many times have children missed recess or playtime at the park because the grass or mulch was sopping wet from rain the night before? There are no worries with our artificial playground turf. It drains quickly and allows kids to get back to their play sooner after inclement weather.

Suitable for all Climates

Rain, snow, and the heat of the sun won’t affect your turf. Don’t worry about cracking or fading; your turf will be as attractive and safe as ever no matter what the weather brings.

Replace Trample Zones Quickly

When sections of your artificial grass get worn down due to being in a trample zone, it’s easy to replace just the affected sections. No need to replace all of the landscaping.


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