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Artificial Grass for Commercial Applications

As a commercial property-owner, you know the financial strain of keeping up with professional mowing, re-sodding, fertilizing, weeding, and all of the other landscaping duties that you pay for all year long. In addition, you likely have a high water bill, because irrigation is necessary for a large portion of the year. Rather than continue to schedule this maintenance week after week, invest in artificial turf. It’s an environmentally friendly, economical, hassle-free alternative to a natural grass landscape.

Due to its versatility, turf can be used for any commercial application. Some examples of places where this top-quality artificial turf is successful include roadway medians, shopping center medians, schools, commercial buildings, apartment complexes, airports, and military bases. If you have an area on your commercial property where grass does not grow due to a lack of access, too much shade, or high levels of foot traffic, artificial turf is an excellent choice.

Save Money, Resources & Maintenance Costs

Rather than pay for maintenance services, irrigation, and chemicals to treat your grass, count on your artificial grass system to look great without any maintenance costs. Your bank account and the environment will thank you.

Quick Return on Investment

Your cost savings on landscaping, maintenance, and utilities will help you recoup your investment costs within a short period of time.

Built to Withstand Harsh Punishment

Heavy rain, snow, wind, foot traffic, and animals or children playing on your artificial turf won’t cause damage. Omni Turf’s products stand up to the test of time and the harsh elements that they might be exposed to on a busy commercial property.


We are proud to say that our products are made in the USA.


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