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Five-Star Rated Swimming Pool Services in Columbus, Ohio

Omni Pools & Scapes is Columbus, Ohio’s leading provider of swimming pool services. Locally owned and operated for 10 years, delivering complimentary estimates.

All-Inclusive Swimming Pool Services

As a homeowner, you’ve thought about purchasing a pool to have a healthy and fun activity to enjoy in your leisure time, but sometimes maintaining your pool is even more time-consuming.  At Omni Pools & Scapes, we handle all of the pool service needs of our customers.

Your pool needs to be kept clean so that the water stays sparkling clear and safe to swim in. A lack of maintenance can lead to potentially hazardous conditions such as bacterial or algae growth.  An unmaintained pool also does not look very inviting to swim in, as it can become discolored or cloudy.

If it turns out that a repair is needed, we can often catch it early and get everything functioning the way it should. Our techs can address issues like dirt in the pool, green or brown water, problems with the plumbing, and pH issues with the water. Our pool maintenance specialists will develop a plan to address those issues issue.

Our pool maintenance specialists also take care of checking the pH and balancing the chemicals, brushing and skimming your pool, and regular vacuuming. We also offer services such as opening and closing your pool for the season. This includes winterizing in the fall and getting it ready for swimming in the spring or early summer.

A Customer-Favored Team of Design & Installation Specialists

We have worked hard to make a name for ourselves. Our customers value our honesty, dedication, and commitment to excellence. Additionally,

  • We provide top-of-the-line inground pools, pool covers, accessories, and more in addition to our standard pool services. Check out some of our work here!
  • Thanks to our loyal customers, we have proudly obtained a sterling A+ Better Business Bureau rating.
  • Our team has over a decade of experience serving the local Columbus, Ohio community. We have the in-depth knowledge and skills you want in a pool service company.

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