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It’s still a few months away from swimming season. But that means that this is the best time to think about upgrades and improvements to your inground swimming pool. If you get started on the changes now, you’ll be able to unveil your new and improved pool just in time for the summer swimming season. How should you improve your pool before the next swimming season? Take a look at some inground swimming pool upgrade options that can make your pool more fun and functional.

An Automatic Leveler

Evaporation causes the water level of the pool to drop over time, which means that the missing water needs to be replaced. Automatic levelers automatically refill the pool when water evaporates, keeping the water level even. Automatic levelers are commonly installed in newer pools, but if your pool is older, it may not have one. This upgrade will make your pool maintenance easier and ensure that you always have the right water level when it’s time to swim.

Waterline Tiles

If you want to give your pool a whole new look, but without installing a whole new pool, new waterline tiles are the answer. If you currently have stone or pebble finishes above the waterline, tile can give your pool a more modern and contemporary appearance.

You have plenty of options when it comes to choosing waterline tiles. Glass, porcelain, and ceramic tiles are popular choices. Choose a color that complements the color of the trim on your house, or choose a colorful glass mosaic pattern to make the pool pop and draw the eye to your new waterline. Many homeowners opt for blue tiles, which can give the water in the pool a deeper blue color, but you could also take a page out of the hotel and spa playbook and choose white mosaic tiles. If you’ve ever looked at the photos of a luxury hotel pool and wondered how they get they get that pure sky-blue color in the water, white mosaic tiles are the secret, and you can bring it to your home’s pool.

LED Lights

Speaking of color, if you want to be able to change the color in your pool, installing LED lights is an easy way to do that. Colorful LED lights create a fun ambiance in the pool, perfect for pool parties and celebrations, and the right lighting can turn an ordinary pool into a true showpiece.

Even if colored light isn’t your thing, white lights can improve the swimming experience, especially at night. Lights also make night swimming safer for yourself, your family, and your guests. And LED lights are more eco-friendly, last longer, and cost less in electricity than older incandescent pool lights, so a pool light upgrade makes your pool more functional and more fun at the same time.

Energy Efficient Pool Pump

A new pool pump isn’t the kind of upgrade that you’re likely to want to show off to your friends, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t consider it. Owning and maintaining a pool can be worthwhile, but it can also be expensive. If you’re looking to make pool ownership more affordable, installing a more energy-efficient could be the answer. Over the course of a few years, the energy savings will pay for the cost of buying and installing the new pump.

What’s more, newer and more energy-efficient pumps are also quieter, which means that it will be easier to relax and enjoy your time by the pool without noisy mechanical interruptions.

Automatic Pool Cover

If you have children or pets, or if other people’s children or pets could possibly access your pool area, an automatic pool cover is an upgrade that can make your pool area safer by making sure that the pool is entirely off-limits when no one is using it. On top of that, automatic covers also improve the chemical efficiency in your pool, and if the pool is heated, they improve heat efficiency as well.

But there’s more. If you ever plan on selling your home, you should know that pools can be a liability for sellers – buyers often hesitate to consider homes with pools. And the main reason that they hesitate is because of the perceived safety risks inherent in owning a pool. Adding an automatic pool cover reduces some of that perceived risk, making buyers more willing to consider making an offer on the home. After all, many people do actually want a pool, they just don’t want to worry about the safety of their children and pets or being held responsible for the safety of neighboring children and pets. An automatic pool cover solves that problem and adds value to your home in the process.

Deck Resurfacing

If you’re tired of looking at your pool deck, resurfacing can give your old deck a fresh new look. And you don’t have to tear out all of the concrete and repour to get that new look before this summer. Instead, you can choose from a variety of concrete overlay products that can be applied to the existing concrete surface to create a new look.

You can add color and texture to your deck, and many pool deck concrete overlays include sand and other additives that make the surface more slip-resistant, which also increases safety and makes your pool deck more accessible. Additionally, you can choose from concrete overlay products that are resistant to UV exposure, pool chemicals, abrasion, and freeze-thaw conditions. So your new pool surface won’t just look great right after its installed, it can continue to look great for years to come. Some overlays are applied with trowels, stamps, or stencils, while others are simply sprayed on. Deck resurfacing now makes sense because you’ll have plenty of time before the summer swim season arrives. But if you do put it off, you still don’t have to worry – some deck resurfacing products are made to dry very quickly, so you may be able to get it done in as little as one day.

These are some of the many ways to get your pool and pool area ready for the swim season. The off-season is the best time to consider upgrades. Contact Omni Pools & Scapes to find out more and to talk about your custom pool project.