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A beautiful front yard serves a variety of purposes. It creates a welcoming space that visitors see when they arrive at your home. It gives you an attractive view for your enjoyment when you look out the window of your home.

It increases your curb appeal, giving your home more value. And those are just the most obvious benefits of having a nicely landscaped front yard. You can also use landscaping features to give yourself more privacy, define the borders of your property, and express your taste and style. Take a look at some amazing landscaping ideas that will help you transform your front yard.

Choose a Theme

One way to create a front yard that looks pulled-together and attractive is to choose a theme for the space. This makes it easier to choose plants, hardscape designs, furniture, and accessories that all complement each other.

For example, in Ohio, you’ll want to choose plants that flourish in this part of the country. You might choose a theme that features just one or two colors. Or you could go with a whimsical fairy garden theme. Plant bonsai trees, cherry tomatoes, and heirloom roses. Install cobblestone walkways and a wishing well, then adorn your yard with garden gnomes and strings of lights that twinkle at night.

Think about your interests and the aesthetics that appeal most to you, and think about how you could translate that into a front yard design. There are many possible landscaping themes that you can use to create a unique and attractive front yard that you’ll love showing off.

Go Native

You want a beautiful front yard, but you don’t want to have to put in too much time caring for and nurturing fussy plants. Not everyone has a green thumb, but that’s not necessarily a problem. The trick to putting together a combination of trees, grass, and plants in your yard that look great but don’t require a lot of work is to choose plants that thrive on their own in the type of soil and climate that exists in your front yard. In other words, you should choose native plants.

Choosing plants that are native to Ohio has other benefits besides saving you trouble. Native plants save water because the plants are already well-suited for the normal rainfall patterns in your area. Often, you can also avoid fertilizers and pesticides as well, for the same reasons – these plants already grow well in the local soil and with the local wildlife. Native plants also attract native birds and butterflies, which can be a wonderful addition to your yard.

If you’re not sure what types of plants, grasses, and trees are native to your area, Omni Pools & Scapes can help. Our landscaping professionals are familiar with the plants that are best suited to your local area and will be able to help you decide which ones will work best in your front yard. Call us today for a free consultation!